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All about Franklin County, Alabama

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142 cemetery in Franklin County, AL

Antioch Cemetery  Frankfort
Aycock Cemetery  Old Bethel
Baggett Cemetery  Guinn Cross Roads
Belgreen Cemetery  Isbell
Berry Cemetery  Halltown
Bethel Cemetery  Phil Campbell
Bethlehem Cemetery  Russellville
Bethsaida Cemetery  Old Bethel
Beulah Cemetery  Newburg
Blue Lick Cemetery  Pleasant Grove
Blue Springs Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Bob Saints Cemetery  Old Bethel
Bobo Cemetery  Russellville
Bolin Cemetery  Guinn Cross Roads
Bolton Cemetery  Pleasant Site
Bolton Cemetery  Pleasant Grove
Bond Cemetery  Pleasant Grove
Brazel Cemetery  Vina
Brock Cemetery  Hackleburg
Bullen Cemetery  Red Bay
Burleson Cemetery  Halltown
Burnt Church Cemetery  Frankfort
Burntout Cemetery  Halltown
Cedar Creek Cemetery  Pleasant Grove
Center Point Cemetery  Phil Campbell
Cherry Hill Cemetery  Newburg
Chestnut Ridge Cemetery  Kinlock Spring
Cleveland Cemetery  Hackleburg
Counts Cemetery  Old Bethel
Davis Cemetery  Vina
Davis Cemetery  Hodges
Dempsey Cemetery  Guinn Cross Roads
Denton Hollow Cemetery  Newburg
Devaney Cemetery  Russellville
Dime Cemetery  Phil Campbell
Dooley Cemetery  Phil Campbell
Duboise Cemetery  Newburg
Ebeneezer Cemetery  Shottsville
Edgar Cemetery  Hackleburg
Ezzell Cemetery  Pleasant Grove
Frankfort Cemetery  Frankfort
Franklin Memory Gardens  Russellville
Friendship Cemetery  Guinn Cross Roads
Gober Cemetery  Halltown
Graham Cemetery  Isbell
Gravel Hill Cemetery  Russellville
Gray Rock Cemetery  Newburg
Greenhill Cemetery  Pleasant Grove
Grissom Cemetery  Hackleburg
Halltown Cemetery  Halltown
Hamilton Cemetery  Isbell
Harris Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Hester Cemetery  Frankfort
Hillcrest Memorial Gardens  Red Bay
Hodges Cemetery  Hodges
Holly Springs Cemetery  Hodges
James Cemetery  Pleasant Site
Jones Cemetery  Vina
Jones Cemetery  Frankfort
Jones Cemetery  Frankfort
Jonesboro Cemetery  Frankfort
Keelen Cemetery  Isbell
Kimbrough Cemetery  Newburg
Kirk Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Knights of Pythias Cemetery  Russellville
Lawler Cemetery  Hackleburg
Lawler Cemetery  Isbell
Liberty Hill Cemetery  Hackleburg
Lindsey Cemetery  Hackleburg
Lindsey Cemetery  Vina
Lower Pleasant Site Cemetery  Pleasant Site
Luketown Cemetery  Russellville
Macedonia Cemetery  Newburg
Macedonia Cemetery  Guinn Cross Roads
Malone Cemetery  Frankfort
Mars Hill Cemetery  Phil Campbell
Massey Cemetery  Pleasant Grove
McCarley Cemetery  Halltown
McCurley Cemetery  Hodges
McWright Cemetery  Isbell
Moorman Cemetery  Isbell
Mount Hebron Cemetery  Isbell
Mount Pleasant Cemetery  Newburg
Mount Zion Cemetery  Isbell
Mountain Home Cemetery  Guinn Cross Roads
Mountain View Cemetery  Phil Campbell
New Friendship Cemetery  Isbell
Number Six Cemetery  Russellville
Oak Grove Cemetery  Newburg
Old Belgreen Cemetery  Isbell
Old Lion Cemetery  Hodges
Old Robinson Cemetery  Isbell
Old Town Cemetery  Russellville
Orange Cemetery  Kinlock Spring
Orman Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Osborn Cemetery  Halltown
Overton Cemetery  Guinn Cross Roads
Patterson Cemetery  Pleasant Site
Pennington Cemetery  Old Bethel
Phil Campbell Cemetery  Phil Campbell
Pilot Hill Cemetery  Vina
Pleasant Grove Cemetery  Pleasant Grove
Pleasant Hill Cemetery  Isbell
Pleasant Site Cemetery  Pleasant Site
Posey Mill Cemetery  Kinlock Spring
Pounders Cemetery  Isbell
Pounders-Quinn Cemetery  Isbell
Ramsey Cemetery  Russellville
Rea Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Red Bay Cemetery  Red Bay
Robinson Cemetery  Russellville
Sadler Cemetery  Russellville
Saint Paul Cemetery  Kinlock Spring
Sargent Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Scharnagle Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Scott Cemetery  Hodges
Shady Grove Cemetery  Hackleburg
Shady Grove Cemetery  Phil Campbell
Shady Grove Cemetery  Frankfort
Sibley Cemetery  Old Bethel
Sibley Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Single Spring Cemetery  Vina
Smith Cemetery  Isbell
Smith Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Sparks Cemetery  Frankfort
Sparks Cemetery  Guinn Cross Roads
Spruce Pine Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Steadham Cemetery  Isbell
Stone Cemetery  Hackleburg
Sylvester Cemetery  Newburg
Taylor Cemetery  Frankfort
Tharptown Cemetery  Russellville
Tompkins Cemetery  Pleasant Grove
Union Hill Cemetery  Bee Branch
Wade Cemetery  Hackleburg
Walden Cemetery  Isbell
Watson Cemetery  Phil Campbell
Weatherbee Cemetery  Halltown
Welch Cemetery  Isbell
Willis Cemetery  Frankfort
Wilson-Nooe Cemetery  Spruce Pine
Wingo Cemetery  Isbell

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