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All about Franklin County, Alabama

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299 stream in Franklin County, AL

Abison Branch  Hackleburg
Adams Creek  Hackleburg
Anderson Branch  Halltown
Armstrong Branch  Halltown
Bailey Branch  Hodges
Bare Field Branch  Isbell
Barker Branch  Pleasant Grove
Barnett Branch  Spruce Pine
Basin Creek  Kinlock Spring
Bear Branch  Shottsville
Bear Branch  Vina
Beck Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Belgreen Spring Branch  Pleasant Site
Bethel Branch  Phil Campbell
Big Branch  Isbell
Big Branch  Spruce Pine
Blackburn Branch  Pleasant Site
Blackridge Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Blue Branch  Pleasant Site
Blue Creek  Halltown
Blue Lick Branch  Pleasant Grove
Bluff Creek  Hackleburg
Boiler Branch  Kinlock Spring
Bolding Branch  Halltown
Bolin Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Bolton Branch  Pleasant Site
Bowen Branch  Isbell
Boyd Mill Branch  Halltown
Briar Creek  Shottsville
Bridge Branch  Phil Campbell
Bridge Branch  Hodges
Bridge Branch  Vina
Britton Branch  Pleasant Grove
Brodrick Branch  Hackleburg
Brumley Branch  Belmont
Brush Creek  Halltown
Bullen Branch  Red Bay
Bullen Branch  Red Bay
Bullock Branch  Hodges
Burfield Branch  Hackleburg
Burr Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Butler Branch  Isbell
Butler Branch  Pleasant Site
Butler Falls Branch  Kinlock Spring
Cagle Branch  Phil Campbell
Camp Branch  Isbell
Camp Branch  Pleasant Grove
Caney Branch  Phil Campbell
Caney Branch  Pleasant Site
Capeland Branch  Isbell
Carpenter Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Cat Den Branch  Kinlock Spring
Cedar Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Chenault Spring Branch  Kinlock Spring
Cherry Hill Creek  Spruce Pine
Childers Mill Branch  Vina
Chisholm Creek  Isbell
Clay Branch  Halltown
Clear Branch  Red Bay
Cleveland Branch  Hackleburg
Cliff Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Cody Branch  Pleasant Site
Cold Spring Branch  Hackleburg
Cole Mill Branch  Hodges
Cook Branch  Hackleburg
Creamos Springs Branch  Isbell
Crooked Neck Branch  Halltown
Davis Spring Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Deadman Branch  Vina
Deer Lick Branch  Vina
Dempsey Spring Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Dentons Camp Branch  Halltown
Desprez Branch  Isbell
Devil Den Branch  Hackleburg
Dime Spring Branch  Phil Campbell
Dismal Branch  Hackleburg
Dry Branch  Halltown
Dry Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Dry Creek  Frankfort
Dry Prong  Halltown
Duncan Branch  Isbell
Duncan Creek  Frankfort
Dunkin Creek  Frankfort
Dykes Branch  Phil Campbell
East Fork Cole Mill Branch  Hodges
East Fork Lost Creek  Pleasant Grove
East Fork Mill Creek  Vina
East Prong Dismal Branch  Hackleburg
Edgar Branch  Hackleburg
Elliott Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Ezzell Branch  Isbell
Ezzell Branch  Hackleburg
Faulkner Branch  Phil Campbell
Files Branch  Pleasant Site
Finch Branch  Pleasant Site
Fowler Branch  Belmont
Fuller Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Garman Branch  Russellville
Garrett Branch  Hodges
Gas Branch  Phil Campbell
Gassoway Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Gee Branch  Red Bay
Gilly Branch  Halltown
Gin Branch  Spruce Pine
Good Springs Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Gourd Neck Branch  Hackleburg
Graham Branch  Isbell
Granny Branch  Pleasant Grove
Grimes Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Grissom Branch  Isbell
Guinn Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Gum Spring Branch  Hackleburg
Haithcock Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Hall Branch  Halltown
Hamilton Branch  Isbell
Hamilton Creek  Isbell
Hargett Branch  Russellville
Hargett Creek  Russellville
Harris Branch  Belmont
Harris Creek  Spruce Pine
Hellum Mill Branch  Pleasant Grove
Henry Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Hester Branch  Halltown
Hester Branch  Frankfort
Hester Branch  Pleasant Grove
Holcomb Branch  Hodges
Holly Spring Branch  Vina
Hooker Spring Branch  Newburg
Horton Branch  Red Bay
Hughes Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Hulsey Branch  Hodges
Hurricane Branch  Vina
Hurricane Creek  Shottsville
Hurricane Creek  Halltown
Island Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Isom Branch  Hackleburg
Ivey Branch  Halltown
Ivy Branch  Hackleburg
Jackson Branch  Hackleburg
Jennie Branch  Halltown
Johnson Branch  Halltown
Keller Branch  Hodges
Kennedy Branch  Spruce Pine
Kimmons Branch  Pleasant Grove
King Spring Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Lauderdale Branch  Hackleburg
Laurel Branch  Hackleburg
Lick Branch  Pleasant Site
Lick Branch  Pleasant Site
Lick Creek  Pleasant Grove
Lime Kiln Branch  Hodges
Little Bear Creek  Pleasant Site
Little Bear Creek  Phil Campbell
Little Bluegut Creek  Vina
Little Branch  Newburg
Little Dice Branch  Kinlock Spring
Little Mud Creek  Old Bethel
Little Rock Creek  Pleasant Grove
Long Branch  Isbell
Lost Creek  Pleasant Grove
Lucas Branch  Isbell
Lutts Mill Branch  Halltown
Mack Branch  Isbell
Madden Branch  Isbell
Mailrider Branch  Halltown
Mann Branch  Belmont
Martin Branch  Pleasant Site
Mason Branch  Halltown
Massey Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Massey Branch  Pleasant Grove
Massey Creek  Spruce Pine
McAfee Spring Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
McBrayer Branch  Hackleburg
McBrayer Branch  Red Bay
McCaig Branch  Hackleburg
McClain Branch  Halltown
McDonald Spring Branch  Hackleburg
McKelly Spring Branch  Hodges
McKinney Branch  Red Bay
McKinney Branch  Halltown
McKnight Branch  Frankfort
McNair Creek  Newburg
McWright Creek  Isbell
Melton Branch  Phil Campbell
Mickins Branch  Frankfort
Middle Fork Lost Creek  Pleasant Grove
Mill Branch  Pleasant Site
Miller Branch  Frankfort
Mingo Branch  Pleasant Site
Mitchell Branch  Pleasant Site
Moore Branch  Hackleburg
Mountain Home Spring Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Mud Creek  Halltown
Mud Creek  Isbell
Mullins Branch  Phil Campbell
Murphy Branch  Red Bay
Nix Branch  Isbell
Norman Branch  Halltown
North Fork Hurricane Creek  Shottsville
North Fork Trace Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Oilwell Branch  Hodges
Old Stand Spring Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Osborn Branch  Halltown
Owen Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Parrish Branch  Isbell
Payne Creek  Spruce Pine
Peters Branch  Phil Campbell
Pierce Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Pig Branch  Hodges
Pike Branch  Pleasant Site
Piney Creek  Isbell
Plum Orchard Branch  Hodges
Pretty Branch  Phil Campbell
Quinn Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Ramsey Mill Branch  Pleasant Site
Raven Branch  Hodges
Ray Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Ray Branch  Isbell
Reedy Branch  Phil Campbell
Reid Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Rhinehart Branch  Phil Campbell
Roberts Branch  Vina
Robinson Creek  Isbell
Rock Creek  Old Bethel
Rocky Branch  Pleasant Grove
Rocky Branch  Hodges
Rocky Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Rocky Branch  Hodges
Rocky Branch  Belmont
Rocky Branch  Phil Campbell
Rocky Branch  Isbell
Rocky Branch  Isbell
Rocky Branch  Newburg
Rogers Spring Branch  Halltown
Rollins Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Rollins Mill Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Rollins Spring Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Sanders Branch  Red Bay
Sandpit Branch  Phil Campbell
Sartin Mill Branch  Halltown
Sawmill Branch  Isbell
Scharnagle Branch  Hackleburg
Scott Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Scott Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Shiloh Branch  Halltown
Shingle Branch  Isbell
Shoat Mill Branch  Halltown
Shoat Mill Branch  Pleasant Site
Sibley Creek  Spruce Pine
Smelser Spring Branch  Pleasant Grove
Smith Branch  Hodges
Smith Creek  Old Bethel
Sol Martin Branch  Isbell
South Fork Trace Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Spring Cliff Branch  Spruce Pine
Starky Mill Branch  Pleasant Site
Steele Branch  Isbell
Steele Branch  Isbell
Steele Mill Branch  Hackleburg
Steep Hollow Branch  Hodges
Stone Branch  Isbell
Store Branch  Pleasant Site
Strickland Branch  Hackleburg
Strickland Branch  Isbell
Sugar Camp Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Sullivan Mill Creek  Guinn Cross Roads
Swan Branch  Kinlock Spring
Sweetgum Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Taylor Branch  Pleasant Grove
Taylor Creek  Halltown
Thorn Branch  Pleasant Site
Timmons Branch  Phil Campbell
Tinnell Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Tollison Creek  Frankfort
Tom Man Branch  Phil Campbell
Town Branch  Spruce Pine
Townsend Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Trace Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Tuckahoe Branch  Shottsville
Turby Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Turkey Creek  Phil Campbell
Turner Bobo Branch  Hodges
Turner Branch  Hodges
Underwood Creek  Russellville
Upper Field Branch  Isbell
Vinson Branch  Halltown
Walker Branch  Halltown
Walt Davis Spring Branch  Hodges
West Fork Cole Mill Branch  Hodges
West Fork Lost Creek  Pleasant Grove
West Fork Mill Creek  Vina
White Branch  Pleasant Site
Whitehead Spring Branch  Hackleburg
Whitlock Branch  Old Bethel
Wild Branch  Guinn Cross Roads
Willis Branch  Frankfort
Wilson Branch  Spruce Pine
Wilson Mill Branch  Pleasant Site
Woodall Creek  Newburg

All Cultural & Physical Places in Franklin County

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