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All about Butte County, California

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130 populated places in Butte County, CA

Anita  Nord
Bangor  Bangor
Barber  Chico
Berry Creek  Berry Creek
Bidwell (historical)  Oroville Dam
Bidwell Bar (historical)  Oroville Dam
Big Bar  Pulga
Big Bend  Berry Creek
Big Ripples (historical)  Berry Creek
Biggs  Biggs
Blavo  Shippee
Blinzing (historical)  Berry Creek
Bloomer (historical)  Oroville Dam
Brush (historical)  Berry Creek
Brush Creek  Brush Creek
Butte Meadows  Butte Meadows
Camp Eighteen  Cascade
Cana  Nord
Centerville  Paradise West
Chandon (historical)  Gridley
Chapmantown  Chico
Cherokee  Cherokee
Chico  Chico
Clipper Mills  Clipper Mills
Cohasset  Cohasset
Concow  Berry Creek
Craig  Honcut
Craig (historical)  Oroville Dam
Cresta  Pulga
David (historical)  Berry Creek
Dayton  Chico
De Sabla  Paradise East
DeSabla  Paradise East
Deadwood  Cherokee
Dodge Place  Cohasset
Dodgeland  Llano Seco
Durham  Chico
East Biggs  Biggs
East Gridley  Gridley
Elsey  Oroville
Enterprise (historical)  Forbestown
Eskini (historical)  Chico
Esquon  Nelson
Fagan  Gridley
Feather Falls  Forbestown
Flea Valley (historical)  Pulga
Forbestown  Forbestown
Forest Ranch  Cohasset
Gold Lake (historical)  Soapstone Hill
Gridley  Gridley
Gridley Colony Number One (historical)  Gridley
Gridley Colony Number Two (historical)  Gridley
Haselbusch (historical)  Biggs
Hawk Ravine (historical)  Oroville Dam
Helltown  Paradise West
Honcut  Honcut
Hughes Place  Berry Creek
Hume (historical)  Biggs
Hurleton  Bangor
Inskip  Stirling City
Irish Town  Paradise East
Isaiah (historical)  Berry Creek
James  Cherokee
Jonesville  Jonesville
Junction House  Brush Creek
Kister  Soapstone Hill
Kramm  Oroville
Land (historical)  Oroville Dam
Las Plumas (historical)  Berry Creek
Lava Beds (historical)  Palermo
Lomo  Butte Meadows
Lorraine (historical)  Biggs
Lovelock  Stirling City
Lumpkin  Clipper Mills
Magalia  Paradise East
Mayaro  Pulga
Merrills Landing  Vina
Merrimac  Soapstone Hill
Michopdo (historical)  Chico
Mineral Slide  Paradise East
Moseley (historical)  Berry Creek
Nelson  Nelson
Nelson Bar (historical)  Cherokee
Nelsons Crossing  Cascade
New Blinzing (historical)  Berry Creek
Nimshew  Paradise East
Nord  Nord
Oak Grove  Palermo
Old Forbestown  Forbestown
Oregon City  Oroville
Oroleve  Clipper Mills
Oroville  Oroville
Oroville Junction  Shippee
Palermo  Palermo
Paradise  Paradise East
Paradise Pines  Paradise East
Parkhill  Berry Creek
Peachton  Biggs
Pentz  Cherokee
Pipers (historical)  Berry Creek
Poe  Berry Creek
Powellton  Stirling City
Pulga  Pulga
Quartz (historical)  Oroville Dam
Ramada  Shippee
Rancho Llano Seco  Llano Seco
Riceton  Biggs
Richardson Springs  Richardson Springs
Richland (historical)  Biggs
Richvale  Biggs
Robinson Mills  Rackerby
Robinsons Corner  Honcut
Roble  Chico
Rogerville  Clipper Mills
Shippee  Shippee
Soto (historical)  Vina
South Fork (historical)  Oroville Dam
South Oroville  Palermo
Stirling City  Stirling City
Stirling Junction  Chico
Sunnyslope  Loma Rica
Swedes Flat (historical)  Rackerby
Thermalito  Oroville
Toadtown  Stirling City
Vista Robles  Palermo
Wagners (historical)  Cascade
Wicks Corner  Oroville
Wyandotte  Bangor
Yankee Hill  Cherokee
Yuman (historical)  Oroville

All Cultural & Physical Places in Butte County

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