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All about Butte County, California

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182 stream in Butte County, CA

Adams Creek  Brush Creek
Anderson Fork  Richardson Springs
Baker Creek  Soapstone Hill
Bean Creek  Forbestown
Bear Ranch Creek  Pulga
Berry Creek  Berry Creek
Bidwell Creek  Berry Creek
Big Chico Creek  Ord Ferry
Big Kimshew Creek  Stirling City
Big Winters Creek  Clipper Mills
Bolt Creek  Butte Meadows
Boomer Creek  Cascade
Bottle Creek  Butte Meadows
Brush Creek  Brush Creek
Buckeye Creek  Clipper Mills
Bull Creek  Butte Meadows
Bush Creek  Brush Creek
Camp Creek  Pulga
Campbell Creek  Richardson Springs NW
Campbell Creek  Shippee
Campbell Creek  Cohasset
Canyon Creek  Oroville Dam
Cascade Creek  Cascade
Cave Creek  Richardson Springs
Cedar Creek  Butte Meadows
Cedar Creek  Pulga
Channel Slough  Ord Ferry
Chino Creek  Berry Creek
Cirby Creek  Paradise East
Clear Creek  Soapstone Hill
Clear Creek  Shippee
Clear Creek  Stirling City
Colby Creek  Jonesville
Cold Creek  Stirling City
Comanche Creek  Ord Ferry
Concow Creek  Cherokee
Coon Creek  Butte Meadows
Coon Creek  Brush Creek
Cottonwood Creek  Shippee
Dead Horse Slough  Chico
Deadwood Creek  Cherokee
Dicus Slough  Foster Island
Discovery Creek  Stirling City
Dogwood Creek  Pulga
Dry Creek  Shippee
Dubock Slough  Ord Ferry
Durham Slough  Nelson
East Branch Mud Creek  Cohasset
East Fork Canyon Creek  Oroville Dam
East Fork Last Chance Creek  Kimshew Point
Empire Creek  Paradise East
Fall Creek  Paradise East
Fall River  Brush Creek
Fallager Creek  Shippee
Fish Creek  Stirling City
Flea Valley Creek  Pulga
Foreman Creek  Oroville Dam
Foreman Creek  Soapstone Hill
Fox Creek  Soapstone Hill
Frazier Creek  Berry Creek
French Creek  Strawberry Valley
French Creek  Berry Creek
Frey Creek  Brush Creek
Galen Creek  Berry Creek
Get Up and Get Creek  Brush Creek
Gold Run  Shippee
Grizzly Creek  Clipper Mills
Grizzly Creek  Berry Creek
Grubbes Creek  Brush Creek
Hamlin Slough  Nelson
Haphazard Creek  Soapstone Hill
Happy Hollow Creek  Soapstone Hill
Harbean Slough  Nord
Haw Creek  Stirling City
Heinz Creek  Pulga
Hibbard Creek  Pulga
Hodapp Creek  Cherokee
Honey Run  Paradise West
Indian Creek  Brush Creek
Inskip Creek  Stirling City
Jack Creek  Berry Creek
Jones Creek  Jonesville
Jordan Creek  Soapstone Hill
Kanaka Creek  Forbestown
Kanaka Creek  Stirling City
Keefer Slough  Nord
Kenebeck Creek  Cascade
Keyser Creek  Kimshew Point
Know-nothing Creek  Clipper Mills
Kusal Slough  Ord Ferry
Last Chance Creek  Stirling City
Last Chance Creek  Berry Creek
Lindo Channel  Ord Ferry
Little Buckeye Creek  Clipper Mills
Little Butte Creek  Hamlin Canyon
Little Chico Creek  Llano Seco
Little Cottonwood Creek  Shippee
Little Dry Creek  Pennington
Little Frey Creek  Cascade
Little Kimshew Creek  Kimshew Point
Little North Fork of Middle Fork Feather River  Brush Creek
Little Ram Creek  Brush Creek
Little Rock Creek  Kimshew Point
Little Rody Creek  Soapstone Hill
Little Sucker Run  Forbestown
Little West Fork West Branch Feather River  Paradise East
Loafer Creek  Oroville Dam
Lockerman Creek  Pulga
Lost Creek  Clipper Mills
Lower Rocky Honcut Creek  Bangor
Maple Branch  Richardson Springs
Marble Creek  Brush Creek
Martin Creek  Berry Creek
McCabe Creek  Forbestown
Middle Branch Mud Creek  Cohasset
Middle Butte Creek  Paradise West
Middle Fork Feather River  Brush Creek
Mill Creek  Pulga
Minnie Creek  Oroville Dam
Mosquito Creek  Brush Creek
Mosquito Creek  Paradise East
Mountain House Creek  Brush Creek
Mud Creek  Ord Ferry
Murphy Slough  Ord Ferry
Natchez Creek  Rackerby
Negro Creek  Rackerby
Nolton Creek  Berry Creek
North Fork Feather River  Berry Creek
North Honcut Creek  Honcut
Nutmeg Creek  Forbestown
Oroleve Creek  Clipper Mills
Owl Creek  Clipper Mills
Peavine Creek  Brush Creek
Philbrook Creek  Butte Meadows
Pine Creek  Ord Ferry
Pinkard Creek  Clipper Mills
Pompys Creek  Brush Creek
Powell Creek  Forbestown
Quartz Creek  Cascade
Ram Creek  Brush Creek
Rattlesnake Creek  Paradise East
Rock Creek  Clipper Mills
Rock Creek  Nord
Rock Creek  Berry Creek
Rocky Honcut Creek  Bangor
Rody Creek  Soapstone Hill
Sanborn Slough  Sanborn Slough
Scotts John Creek  Jonesville
Secret Creek  Butte Meadows
Singer Creek  Nord
Sly Creek  Brush Creek
Sly Creek  Strawberry Valley
Snaden Slough  Foster Island
South Branch Mill Creek  Pulga
South Fork Berry Creek  Berry Creek
South Fork Feather River  Forbestown
Stony Creek  Berry Creek
Strawberry Valley Creek  Clipper Mills
Sucker Run  Forbestown
Sycamore Creek  Oroville Dam
Sycamore Creek  Oroville Dam
Sycamore Creek  Nord
Tigus Creek  Brush Creek
Trickling Creek  Cherokee
Union Creek  Oroville Dam
Upper Rocky Honcut Creek  Bangor
Varey Creek  Stirling City
Webb Creek  Cohasset
West Branch Butte Creek  Stirling City
West Branch Clear Creek  Hamlin Canyon
West Branch Feather River  Cherokee
West Branch Fish Creek  Stirling City
West Branch French Creek  Soapstone Hill
West Branch Mud Creek  Cohasset
West Fork North Honcut Creek  Bangor
West Fork Rock Creek  Campbell Mound
Wild Yankee Creek  Berry Creek
Willow Creek  Jonesville
Willow Creek  Jonesville
Winters Creek  Clipper Mills
Woodleaf Creek  Clipper Mills
Wyandotte Creek  Honcut

All Cultural & Physical Places in Butte County

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