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117 school in Van Buren County, MI

Abbott School  Hartford
Ackley School  Bangor
Acorn School  Lawton
Adams School  Marcellus
Allen School  Lawrence
Almena School  Gobles East
Antwerp School  Lawton
Arlington Center School  Bangor
Arlington Heights School  Bangor
Austin School  Gobles West
Baker School  Sister Lakes
Bangor Center School  McDonald
Barnes School  Lawrence
Barnum School  Paw Paw
Base Line School  Bloomingdale
Beachwood School  Gobles West
Becker School  Merson
Bell School  Twin Lakes
Bell School  Gobles West
Brague School  Hartford
Brandywine School  Gobles West
Braybrooks School  Lawrence
Bronson School  Bangor
Brown School  Hartford
Brown School  Gobles East
Celery Center School  Twin Lakes
Chamberlain School  Lawton
Chambers School  Lacota
Clapp School  Paw Paw
Cobbtown School  Gobles East
Code School  Twin Lakes
Columbia School  Pullman
Corwin School  Lawrence
Cross School  Gobles West
Dayton School  Gobles West
Deerlick School  Covert
Durkee School  Lawton
East Decatur School  Paw Paw
East Valley School  Decatur
Evergreen School  Gobles West
Field School  Twin Lakes
Fish School  Covert
Garden of Eden School  Bangor
Geneva Center School  Lacota
Gliddenberg School  Paw Paw
Gregory School  Sister Lakes
Hawley School  McDonald
Hayden School  Twin Lakes
Healy School  Bloomingdale
Hicks School  Bangor
Hill School  Sister Lakes
Hogmire School  Bangor
Hyde School  Lawrence
Jericho School  McDonald
Johnson School  Hartford
Johnstown School  Gobles East
Johnstown School  McDonald
Kinney School  Marcellus
Lafler School  McDonald
Lakeside School  Bangor
Lakeview School  Gobles West
Lamphere School  Lawrence
Lannin School  Lacota
Law School  Covert
Lee School  Lawrence
Lee School  Bangor
Lee School  Paw Paw
Locota School  Lacota
Lyle School  Paw Paw
Mahr High School  South Haven
Maple Grove School  McDonald
Maxam School  Marcellus
McWilliams School  Paw Paw
Miles School  Hartford
Monroe School  Lawrence
Moore School  Gobles East
Munn School  Bloomingdale
Myers School  Gobles West
Nesbit School  Lawrence
North Bell School  Hartford
North Mill School  McDonald
Old Pine Grove School  Gobles East
Ormsby School  Decatur
Orton School  Bangor
Palmer School  Gobles East
Pine Grove School  Merson
Plopper School  Paw Paw
Porter Center School  Marcellus
Quail Trap School  Merson
Richmond School  Lawton
River Valley School  Gobles West
Riverside School  Gobles West
Riverside School  Lacota
Rowlee School  Twin Lakes
Rush Lake School  Hartford
Saddle Lake School  Bangor
School Number 3  Lawrence
School Number 8  Lawton
Scott School  Gobles West
Shafer School  Lawrence
Shaw School  Decatur
Sheldon School  Lacota
South Bell School  Hartford
Speicher School  Gobles West
Steeple School  Lawton
Swamp School  Bangor
Sykes School  Sister Lakes
Thomas School  Hartford
Van Auken School  McDonald
Wager School  Bloomingdale
Webster School  McDonald
West Brick School  McDonald
West Gate School  McDonald
West Valley School  Decatur
White Oak School  Paw Paw
Wilder School  Hartford
Wildey School  Paw Paw

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