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237 mine in Clark County, NV

Accident Mine  Goodsprings
Ada and Edith Mine  Charleston Peak
Addison Mine  State Line Pass
Akron Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Alice Mine  Goodsprings
Alunite Mine  Boulder City NW
American Borax Company Mines  Bitter Spring
Anchor Mine  Goodsprings
Anderson Mine  Jumbo Peak
Anniversary Mine  Callville Bay
Apex Limstone Quarry  Apex
Arden Gypsum Mine  Blue Diamond SE
Arden Quarries  Bird Spring
Argentena Mine  Goodsprings
Arrolime  Apex
Azure Ridge Mine  Gold Butte
Azurite Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Bay City Group Mine  Searchlight
Bell Mine  Nelson
Belle Mine  Goodsprings
Belmont-Phoenix Mine  Nelson
Berlock Mine  Searchlight
Big Casino Mines  Fourth of July Mountain
Big Cliff Mine  Overton Beach
Bill Nye Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Black Hawk Mine  Nelson
Black Jack Mine  Gold Butte
Black Salt Mine (historical)  Echo Bay
Blossom Mine  Searchlight
Blue Diamond Mine  Blue Diamond
Blue Quartz Mine  Boulder City NW
Bluejay Mine  Cottonwood Pass
Bonelli Salt Mine (historical)  Middle Point
Boss Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Boston Searchlight Mine  Searchlight
Brandy Mine  State Line Pass
Bullion Mine  Goodsprings
Calico Salt Mine (historical)  Echo Bay
Camp Dupont Mine  Ireteba Peaks
Capitol Hill Mine  Nelson
Carnation Mine  Nelson
Chief of the Hills Mines  Fourth of July Mountain
Chiquita Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Chiquita Mine  Juniper Mine
Christmas Mine  State Line Pass
Clementina Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Colorock Quarry  Muddy Peak
Columbia Mine  Goodsprings
Combination Mine  Nelson
Contact Mine  Cottonwood Pass
Copper Chief Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Copper Flower Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Copper Hill Mine  State Line Pass
Copperside Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Cosmopolitan Mine  Goodsprings
Cottonwood Mine  Juniper Mine
Crescent Mine  Crescent Peak
Cumberland Group Mine  McCullough Mountain
Dawn Mine  Cottonwood Pass
Dolores Mine  Nelson
Double Standard Mine  McCullough Mountain
Double Up Mine  Cottonwood Pass
Duncan Mine  Nelson
Duplex Mine  Searchlight
Eldorado Crown Mines  Nelson
Eldorado Empire Mines  Nelson
Eldorado Rand Mines  Nelson
Eldorado Rover Mines  Nelson
Empire Mine  Spirit Mountain
Eureka Mine  State Line Pass
Eureka Mine  Hiller Mountains
Florence Mine Number One  Valley of Fire East
Florence Mine Number Two  Valley of Fire East
Frederickson Mine  Goodsprings
Frenchman Mine  Las Vegas NE
Gary Allen Quarry  Bird Spring
Gettysburg Mine  Nelson
Gold Butte Mine  Gold Butte
Golden Calf Mine  Crescent Peak
Golden Chariot Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Golden Empire Mine  Nelson
Goldenrod Mine  Spirit Mountain
Good Hope Mine  Searchlight
Great Eastern Mine  Whitney Pocket
Green Copper Mine  Goodsprings
Green Monster Mine  Green Monster Mine
Greenhorn Mine  Jumbo Peak
Griffith Mine  Charleston Peak
Gypsum Cave Mine  Frenchman Mountain
Happy Jack Mine  Devils Throat
Hermosa Mine  Goodsprings
Highline Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Hill Top Mine  Gold Butte
Homestake Group Mine  Davis Dam
Honest Miner Mine  Nelson
Hoodoo Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Hoosier Mine  Goodsprings
Houghton Mine  Goodsprings
Ingomar and Milford Number Two Mines  State Line Pass
Ireland Mine  Goodsprings
Iron Age Mine  Blue Diamond NE
Iron Gold Mine  Goodsprings
Ironside Mine  Shenandoah Peak
JET Mine  Searchlight
Jackdaw Group Mine  Spirit Mountain
Joker Mine  Hiller Mountains
Jubilee Mine  Nelson
Jumbo Mine  Hiller Mountains
June Bug Mine  Gass Peak SW
Juniper Mine  Juniper Mine
Key West Mine  Whitney Pocket
Keystone Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Kirby Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Lakeshore Mine  Jumbo Peak
Lakeside Mine  Garrett Butte
Lakeview Mine  Garrett Butte
Lavina Mine  Goodsprings
Lead King Mine  Apex
Leadville Mine  Juniper Mine
Lincoln Mine  Goodsprings
Lincoln Mine  Gold Butte
Lookout Mine  Goodsprings
Lookout Mine  Jumbo Peak
Lucky Dutchman Mine  McCullough Mountain
Lucky Dutchman Mine  Boulder City NW
Lucky Strike Mine  Angel Peak
Lucy Gray Mine  Desert
Magnolia Mine  Nelson
Mammoth Mine  Fourth of July Mountain
McKinley Mine  Nelson
McVicar Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Middlesex Mine  Goodsprings
Milford Mine  Mesquite Lake
Mobile Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Mockingbird Mine  Nelson
Monte Cristo Mine  Goodsprings
Morgan Mine  Crescent Peak
Morning Star Mine  Nelson
Mountain Queen Mine  State Line Pass
Mountain Top Mine  Goodsprings
Nevada Eagle Mine  Nelson
Nevada Mica Mine  Jumbo Peak
Nevada Royale Quarries  Bird Spring
Nevada Royale Quarry  Bird Spring
New Era Mines  Fourth of July Mountain
New Year Mine  State Line Pass
Ninetynine Mine  Cottonwood Pass
Nippeno Mine  Crescent Peak
Noble Mine  Searchlight
Nu-Lite Insulated Homes Incorporated Mine  Crescent Peak
Oakland Mine  Searchlight
Occidental Mine  Nelson
Ole Mine  Gold Butte
Oro Amigo Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Oro Plata Mine  Nelson
Patsy Mine  Nelson
Pauline Mine  Cottonwood Pass
Picture Rock Mine  State Line Pass
Pilgrim Mine  Goodsprings
Pittsburg Mine  Searchlight
Platina Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Pompeii Mine  Searchlight
Porter Mine  Goodsprings
Potential Mine  Spirit Mountain
Potosi Mine  Potosi
Prairie Flower Mine  Goodsprings
Puelz Mine  Goodsprings
Quaker City Mine  Nelson
Quartette Mine  Searchlight
Quo Vadis Mine  Boulder City NW
Radio Crystal Mine  Jumbo Peak
Rainbow Quarries  Cottonwood Pass
Rambler Mine  Searchlight
Rand Mine  Nelson
Red Bird Mine  Searchlight
Red Bluff Mine  Cottonwood Pass
Red Bud Mine  Searchlight
Red Cloud Mine  Goodsprings
Rich Hill Mine  Nelson
Rockefeller Mine  Ireteba Peaks
Roman Mine  Spirit Mountain
Root Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Ruth Mine  Goodsprings
Saint Louis Mine  Ireteba Peaks
Santa Cruz Mine  Hen Spring
Santa Fe Mine  Searchlight
Schumaker Gypsum Mine  Frenchman Mountain
Searchlight Insulation Products Mine  Nelson SW
Searchlight M and M Mine  Searchlight
Searchlight Parallel Mine  Searchlight
Shenandoah Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Silver Bell Mine  McCullough Mountain
Silver Gem Mine  State Line Pass
Silver Leaf Mine  Hen Spring
Silver Legion Mine  Nelson
Simplot Silica Sand Mine  Valley of Fire East
Singer Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Sloan Limestone Quarry  Sloan
Smithson Phillips Mine  Crescent Peak
Smithsonite Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Snowflake Mine  Gold Butte
Snowstorm Mine  Cottonwood Pass
Solar Mine  Nelson
Southern Nevada Mine  Searchlight
Spanish Mine  Sheep Peak
Spearhead Mine  Boulder City NW
Spelter Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Star Mine  Goodsprings
Sultan Mine  Goodsprings
Sunday Mine  Blue Diamond SE
Sundog Mine  Hopps Well
Surprise Mine  Goodsprings
Swickard Mines  Fourth of July Mountain
Tam O'Shanter Mine  State Line Pass
Techatticup Mine  Nelson
Three Kids Mine  Henderson
Tiffany Quarry  Arrow Canyon
Tiffin Mine  Shenandoah Peak
Toltec Mine  Crescent Peak
Tramp Mine  Devils Throat
Umpire Perlite Mine  State Line Pass
Union Mine  Hiller Mountains
Valentine Mine  Goodsprings
Vermiculite Mine  Gold Butte
Volcano Mine  Goodsprings
Wall Street Mine  Nelson
Wall Street Mine  Nelson
West End Mine  Callville Bay
Whale Mine  Shenandoah Peak
White Eagle Mine  Frenchman Mountain
White Rock Mine  Spirit Mountain
White Star Mine  Moapa East
Wiley Inspiration Mine  Davis Dam
Windmill Mine  Jumbo Peak
Wyatt Silica Mine  Piute Point
Yellow Pine Mine  Goodsprings
Yellow Stone Mine  Spirit Mountain

All Cultural & Physical Places in Clark County

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