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All about Carbon County, Wyoming

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222 valley in Carbon County, WY

Addison Gulch  Barcus Peak
Alamosa Gulch  Sulphur Springs
Antelope Draw  Cow Creek
Antelope Draw  Walker Draw NW
Antelope Springs Draw  Indian Rocks
Balsam Draw  Beaver Creek
Barrel Springs Draw  Mexican Flats
Barrel Springs Draw  Elmo
Bear Gulch  Sulphur Springs
Bear Gulch  Barcus Peak
Beckman Canyon  La Marsh Creek West
Big Draw  Elk Mountain
Big Draw  Seminoe Dam NE
Big Gulch  Savery
Big Hollow  Barcus Peak
Big Hollow Gulch  Barcus Peak
Big Springs Draw  Cow Creek
Bird Gulch  Tullis
Black Canyon  Muddy Gap
Blind Canyon  Wild Horse Mountain
Blue Gap Draw  Peach Orchard Flat
Blydenburg Draw  Overland Crossing
Box Canyon  Dudley Creek
Box Elder Draw  Encampment
Brennan Draw  Squaw Spring
Brown Canyon  Rendle Hill
Buck Draw  Walck Ranch
Buck Springs Draw  Saratoga
Buck Springs Draw  Pole Gulch
Buffalo Gulch  Ryan Park
Bull Canyon  Coal Mine Ridge
Bull Canyon  Barcus Peak
Bunker Draw  Leo
Burbank Draw  Dixon
Cabin Draw  Pole Gulch
Canary Grove Draw  Pole Gulch
Case Canyon  Schneider Ridge
Chalk Draw  Moss Agate Reservoir
Chapman Draw  Pine Ridge
Charlie Brooks Draw  Tenmile Spring
Cherry Draw  Fletcher Peak
Cherry Draw  Fletcher Peak
Chicken Springs Wash  Doty Mountain
Coal Bank Draw  Savery
Coal Bank Draw  Coal Bank Basin
Coal Bank Wash  Eightmile Lake
Coal Creek Canyon  Wild Horse Mountain
Coal Gulch  Mexican Flats
Coal Gulch  Tullis
Coal Mine Draw  Dixon
Coal Mine Draw  Overland Crossing
Coal Mine Draw  Overland Crossing
Coal Mine Draw  Rawlins Peak
Coal Springs Draw  Seminoe Dam SW
Cold Spring Draw  Separation Rim
Collins Draw  Gunst Reservoir
Cornerstone Draw  Cow Creek
Corral Canyon  Wild Horse Mountain
Cottonwood Draw  Schneider Ridge
Cow Canyon  Seminoe Dam NE
Coyote Canyon  Walcott
Coyote Draw  Walck Ranch
Creston Draw  Rawlins Peak SW
Cumberland Gulch  Finley Reservoir
Cy Draw  Doty Mountain
Deadman Canyon  Seminoe Dam NE
Deep Draw  Encampment
Deep Gulch  Garden Gulch
Deep Gulch  McCarty Ranch
Devils Canyon  Baggs
Difficulty Canyon  Difficulty
Dillon Draw  Ketchum Buttes
Dirtyman Draw  Ferris Lake
Dixie Draw  Como West
Dry Creek Canyon  Leo
Dry Draw  Fort Steele
Dry Draw  Bucklin Reservoirs
Echo Springs Draw  Eightmile Lake
Fingerle Hollow  Barcus Peak
First Cottonwood Draw  Overland Crossing
Francis Draw  Ryan Park
Frank Draw  Pierce Reservoir
Galusha Draw  Leo
Garden Gulch  Garden Gulch
Garrish Draw  Baggs
Green Canyon  Coal Mine Ridge
Grove Draw  Jack Creek Reservoir
Hanna Draw  T E Ranch
Hay Gulch  Garden Gulch
Hay Gulch  Rawlins
Hay Gulch  Fillmore Ranch
Hayrack Draw  Tullis
Hell Canyon  Tullis
Hicox Draw  Dixon
Hidden Treasure Gulch  Red Mountain
Holler Draw  Doty Mountain
Homestake Draw  Schneider Ridge
Homestead Draw  Barcus Peak
Horse Gulch  Pole Gulch
Horse Pasture Draw  Eightmile Lake
Horse Springs Draw  Fourmile Point
House Gulch  Seminoe Dam NE
Hugus Draw  Savage Ranch
Hurt Gulch  Seminoe Dam NE
Hurt Gulch  Seminoe Dam NE
Iron Springs Draw  Savage Ranch
Jackson Draw  Carbon
Jep Canyon  Fillmore Ranch
Jim Draw  Ryan Park
Johnson Canyon  Beaver Creek
Lake Draw  Pole Gulch
Little Coal Gulch  Duck Lake
Little Robbers Gulch  Peach Orchard Flat
Lost Springs Draw  Lone Haystack Mountain
Lost Springs Draw  Lone Haystack Mountain
Lower Big Gulch  Cottonwood Rim
Mahoney Draw  Rawlins Peak SW
Mason Gulch  Encampment
McCarty Canyon  McCarty Ranch
McCold Draw  Cow Creek
McFade Waterhole Draw  Leo
McIntosh Draw  Savery
McPhail Draw  Overland
McPhail Draw  Overland
Miners Canyon  Buzzard Ranch
Missuori John Draw  Como West
Mud Spring Draw  T E Ranch
Mud Spring Draw  T E Ranch
Norbacher Canyon  Beaver Creek
North Barrel Springs Draw  Duck Lake
North Draw  Cow Creek
North Draw  Finley Reservoir
North Gate Canyon  Elkhorn Point
North Wolf Canyon  Fourmile Ridge
Number One Gulch  Seminoe Dam NE
Number Three Gulch  Seminoe Dam NE
Number Two Gulch  Seminoe Dam NE
Olson Draw  Doty Mountain
Owl Gulch  Indian Rocks
Pass Creek Canyon  Coad Mountain
Pearce Draw  Cow Creek
Pine Draw  Como East
Pines Draw  Peach Orchard Flat
Pistol Draw  Leo
Poison Draw  Poison Basin
Pole Canyon  Spanish Mine
Pole Gulch  Pole Gulch
Prior Draw  The Q Ranch
Purgatory Gulch  Encampment
Rainbow Canyon  Cow Creek
Ram Canyon  Separation Peak
Rawlins Draw  Bucklin Reservoirs
Red Draw  Difficulty
Red Spring Draw  Seminoe Dam NE
Rendle Draw  Boggy Meadows
Reno Draw  Leo
Road Gulch  Cottonwood Rim
Robbers Gulch  Peach Orchard Flat
Robinson Canyon  Coal Mine Ridge
Rocky Draw  Lamont
Rye Gulch  Gunst Reservoir
Sand Creek Canyon  Buzzard Ranch
Sand Draw  Bear Spring
Sand Draw  Pathfinder Dam
Sand Draw  Oberg Ranch
Sanger Draw  Barcus Peak
Sawmill Draw  Pathfinder Dam
Schoolhouse Canyon  Beaver Creek
Schoolhouse Draw  Schneider Ridge
Scotty Canyon  Separation Peak
Seminoe Canyon  Seminoe Dam NE
Shearing Pen Draw  Walker Draw NW
Shearing Pens Draw  Fourmile Point
Sixteen Gulch  Cow Creek
Sixteenmile Draw  Rawlins Peak
Slaughterhouse Gulch  Red Mountain
Slide Draw  Fillmore Ranch
Slims Draw  Barcus Peak
Smiley Draw  Smiley Draw
Smith Draw  Smith Draw East
Sneftens Draw  Leo
Snow Draw  Jack Creek Reservoir
Snowshoe Canyon  Fillmore Ranch
Soap Hole Wash  Doty Mountain
South Barrel Springs Draw  Mexican Flats
South Pine Draw  Como East
Spencer Draw  Seminoe Dam NE
Squaw Canyon  Fillmore Ranch
Standard Draw  Eightmile Lake
Standpipe Draw  Hanna
Stemp Spring Gulch  Cottonwood Rim
Stinkhole Draw  Seminoe Dam SW
Stovepipe Gulch  Elkhorn Point
Stralyn Canyon  Medicine Bow
Strawberry Gulch  Divide Peak
Streckfus Draw  Baggs
Stump Hollow  Kennaday Peak
Taylor Draw  Fort Steele
Tin Can Draw  Leo
Tram Gulch  Encampment
Trough Spring Draw  Smiley Draw
Turnbull Gulch  Gunst Reservoir
Tye Draw  Pathfinder Reservoir SW
Upper Big Gulch  Cottonwood Rim
Van Fleet Draw  Baggs
Walker Draw  Walker Draw NW
Walsh Draw  Difficulty
Watkins Draw  T E Ranch
Wet Draw  Fort Steele
White Rock Canyon  White Rock Canyon
White Rock Draw  Peach Orchard Flat
Whitehorse Canyon  Fort Steele
Wild Horse Canyon  Smith Draw West
Wild Horse Draw  Lone Haystack Mountain
Wild Horse Draw  Peach Orchard Flat
Willow Draw  Shamrock Hills
Willow Spring Draw  Elmo
Windmill Draw  Mexican Flats
Wise Dugout Draw  Lone Haystack Mountain
Wolf Canyon  Fourmile Ridge
Wood Draw  Cow Creek
Young Draw  Dixon

All Cultural & Physical Places in Carbon County

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